Intuitive AI Document Processing Technology

Unlock data from any type of document to summarize information, ask questions about the contents, and activate the information through automation and business intelligence.

PageIQ is the modern solution to intelligently extract and label unstructured data from any content at scale. Effortlessly adapt to business workflows by quickly integrating the data into your organization’s processes. See faster processing, fewer errors, and greater productivity across the enterprise.

Current state vs. what’s possible

Organizational data challenges solved with PageIQ

Current state

    Nonstop incoming unstructured documents like invoices, applications, and loans with inaccessible information

    Manual data entry leads to inaccurate data your teams have to double-check

    Multiple versions of information living in different systems

      What’s possible

        Label key data trapped in your documents at scale

        Automate incoming and outgoing records with digital mailroom

        Faster, more accurate business decisions

        Take the first step toward dependable data with PageIQ.

        Get rid of manual indexing with comprehensive capabilities

        Advanced AI and machine learning

        Built-in algorithms continuously learn and adapt to new document types, formats, and languages, ensuring accuracy for even the most complex document layouts

        Cloud-native platform

        PageIQ is a completely cloud-native platform, eliminating server, software, and upgrade issues. It’s all in your secure Azure or AWS tenant.

        Automatic processing

        Our File Import feature instantly creates a ‘drop folder’ for automatic data ingestion and processing.

        “Magic” Assistant

        The PageIQ Assistant is a button that can be placed on any window, browser, or application screen to perform actions like pulling account-specific documents or auto-populating forms with collected data.

        Seamless integration with your systems

        Including Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and SAP

        Pay for what you use

        Simple, low-cost pricing is based purely on consumption, so you only pay for what you use. 

        Microsoft Office add-Ins

        Enable extraction of data directly from Outlook emails and attachments

        Automate document processing with PageIQ.

        Scalable managed services designed for busy, agile teams

        Customizable setup

        Tailor your software to your unique document processing requirements, industry-specific workflows, and compliance mandates ahead of time.

        Add on services

        Choose to have DataBank take on all document scanning, system administration (we manage, you own), data validation, or a combination of any three through a managed services partnership.

        Implementation and support

        We implement the technology and train your team so they’re ready to master on PageIQ.

        Data management consultation

        We can help you determine where all the data is going to go. If you need a data warehouse built or guidance finding and implementing an ECM or data management platform, that’s DataBank’s expertise.

        About DataBank

        We’ve spent 30+ years partnering with organizations in highly regulated industries to transform documents into usable, structured data. Our technical teams specialize in industry processes and help map, build, and support secure, end-to-end data management solutions.

        Discover where your data can take you with PageIQ.

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